If you are so inclined..

You will need to make changes to the following:
$Forumtext="VHF Forum Announcements,Main VH Discussion,VH Opinions/Speculation,VH Songs/Albums/Videos,"
$Forumtext=$Forumtext+"VH Rumor Mill,VH Bootleg Network,Hit The Poll Runnin',VH Fans Meeting Place (Music Only),"
$Forumtext=$Forumtext+"VH Fans Meeting Place (Non-Music),VH Fans Meeting Place (Non-Music),Guitar Room,"
$Forumtext=$Forumtext+"Musicians' Corner,Forum Problems and Troubleshooting,"
$Forumtext=$Forumtext+"VHLinks.com/VHForums.com Feedback & Questions,Sam And Dave - Song For Song Tour 2002"


Utilize these resources:
UDFs (Full List)
KiXtart FAQ & How to's