I am using all of your functions, too, and additionally RIGHT/LEFT/SUBSTR/ADDKEY/DELKEY/WRITEVALUE [Wink]

So I guess you're on the right way.

BTW, I've been very busy, too, unfortunately, and I don't believe I can finish my code til tomorrow either.

I know that Lonkero must have pushed his code below the magic 1000-barrier by now (and his # of caffeine-containing-drinks above that same level [Wink] ) but for the sake of giving everybody a fighting chance, I will now officially extend the deadline for the first part to Saturday, July 20, 6pm EST (midnight BBS time). After this time, everybody can feel free (and is encouraged) to post their code solution even if it is only rudimentary or just a framework.

I might not be able to officially announce the beginning of the second round at that time because of a potential family commitment (entertaining the in-laws), but you can just go ahaead and post anyway (preferable as a new thread).

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