I just uploaded a new .ZIP file with the test script and the .REG files. Get it here:

And yes, there is a faulty dataset in one of the .REG files, and I put this in deliberately [Big Grin]

There doesn't need to be UNICODE support in this routine, just support for REGEDIT4 .REG files.

With regards to return codes, the only return code is the one for ImportRegFile(), there shouldn't be any screen output inside the UDF.

I alos have put a Windows 2000 UNICODE file into the ZIP package, which is NOT part of the test script.

The test script basically checks whether the keys/values/types are correct, and whether the appropriate keys/values have been deleted.

BTW, my count is currently 1813 without shortened variables and using pure KiXtart (not even a call to an outside object) but including some error checking for correct file type and syntax.
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