Okay guys, I investigated the UNICODE thing. If the export is done from e.g. Windows 9x (and I believe Windows NT, though I don't have one ready right now), then the exported .REG file is a normal text file with the first line being 'REGEDIT4'.
If the export is done from Windows 2000 (and Windows xP?), then the exported file is in UNICODE. This file cannot be reimported with REGEDIT /S under Windows 9x/NT. This type of file is identified by 'Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00' and is an UNICODE file.

Allowed is only pure KiXtart, no external programs, WMI/ADSI/WSH is allowed since most have it installed anyway.

I will post an updated .ZIP file soon not containing any UNICODE files, only REGEDIT4 .REG files. But it might take me an hour or so.
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