the code does belong in kixgolf_lm.udf in between:
function a($)
;code 'ere

Your code will be called by kixgolf_lm.kix (no changes allowed) and will be validated against the keys in kixgolf_lm.ini (no changes alllowed too), so your code should return the same values as the different key values in the ini.

Let's look closer at that:
for example:
The key 378282246310005 will be passed as a string to the function you write and will be validated against the return value your function returns. In this particular case, your function should recognize this string as a valid "AmKixpress" Credit Card number and return 3 (integer)

.. The score will be counted by the scoring engine, so all characters between these flags will be counting (if not commented out):

;! <- Flag for start of scoring engine
function a($) ;<-Score +12

endfunction   ;<-Score +11
;!<-|these two flags 
;!<-|stop scoring engine

hope this helps, and have fun solving the problem!

Edited by Jochen (2010-08-04 12:59 PM)