ehm... something's wrong with the validation, only the number is required for a valid score:

Running Test 1...Done: sResult=11 sOutput=11 about outside ideas
Running Test 2...Done: sResult=4 sOutput=4 ones
Running Test 3...Done: sResult=0 sOutput=0
Running Test 4...Done: sResult=7 sOutput=7 aabbbb bbbbz
Running Test 5...Done: sResult=0 sOutput=0
Running Test 6...Done: sResult=9 sOutput=9 ayrton onset
Running Test 7...Done: sResult=6 sOutput=6 kita tart
Running Test 8...Done: sResult=11 sOutput=11 about outside ideas
Your solution passed all tests

Your solution passed all tests

KiXtart Version = 4.52
KiXGolf Script = kixgolf_a2z.kix

OS = Windows XP Professional
CPU = Intel Pentium Model 13
Speed = 798 MHz
Memory = 1024 MB

KiXGolf Scoring Engine
Scoring Engine = 3.3

KiXtart Golf Score
Tournament = A-to-Z
Processing Start = 2007/09/09 21:03:47.156
Processing End = 2007/09/09 21:03:47.203
Duration = 0000/00/00 00:00:00.046
KiXGolf Score = 222

Thank you for participating in KiXtart Golf!

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