I think the point is that returning the errorlevel is most "kix-like". For example - WriteValue from the manual is:


$RC=WriteValue("EZReg\Test", "A MultiString variable", "Line 1|Line 2|Line 3 with a || in it|" "REG_MULTI_SZ")
If @ERROR = 0
? "Value written to the registry"

WriteValue returns the errorlevel and sets the errorlevel. This keeps two types of coders happy - those that like to check @ERROR (you i think) and those that like to check the return value (me for example).

The only pain-in-the-ass thing is when you forget to capture the return value - but we all deal with that day-in day-out. In fact, when I get rc's dumped to the console its a good reminder (to me anyways) about something that should be checked and handled if issues.