Hey Doc, here's a few answers to your questions.!


So is anyone still interested in this type of script?

Yes indeed.! i have learned a bunch just by reading into this script.!
We are running this script via the login script (if older than 5 days it will run and store centrally) have also added monitor lookup (model and serialnumber) helps my techs doing basic inventory check.


What methods of output do most prefer?

As you write DB would the best.. at the time being we are using your HTML just for quick lookups.. what i have done as you can read in a previous reply is to strip the output down to a "~" seperated txt files (split into 3 files, HW+SW+Monitor.. all the files carry the PC-Name and Serial so they can be linked) these txt files are then merged and loaded into an excel file at the time being.. what i would love is function for loading the files into SQl (either automaticly or manually)
Ooops, just got carried away..
1. DB would be perfeect


Or if little or no interest then I'll not bother to update anymore.

IMHO i think that it would be a petty if no further updates comes along, my technicians and I really appreciate the work you have put into this project.!

on a side note: we are also using this script with BeyondExec to run it on remote PC's and it works like a charm (except for a few PC's where it does not output anything, can't figure out why that is)

Jan V.