Thanks for a great script, it's truly amazing.! what it does is actually what my technicians have done manually over the years (sad but true), once a each Quarter my techs have to do this over again and again as some of the techs tends to forget the true meaning of an updated inventory list.. with this script we can start to eliminate going to each PC in our district 1100+ PC's, of course it will still be a task looking into and verifying all the HTM' files collected upon logon (it has become a part of our login script and are stored to a share on a server) what i would like is store the output from your script into a single line txt file so this could be loaded into a DB either Access or SQL automaticly.. the ideal solution would of couse be if this script could output directly into a SQL DB, but i can understand that it is time consuming to do all requests especially the request of putting into SQL.! )
I have tried myself to manipulate your script to behave the way i would like it to and some of the way it works to.. i have removed all htm related stuff and line feeds in hope of the output ended up in a single line, it does end up as i wont, but then it is only the internal kix macros that are displayed in the file and the homegrown variables you have made is not displayed with the values it should but are shown as the variable names..

@ Radimus
1st. link in your signature does not work ;o)
2nd. Your additions/altering to NTDOC's script lead me a litle further in my quest of output to a txt file, one comment though..
I have a IBM T30 laptop with 3 netcards (as follows)
Intel Pro 10/100 (build in )
Symbol PCMCIA WiFi
AGN Virtual netcard (comes as a part of AT&T global network, does not get an IP, subnet etc.)
When running your script it list only the AGN virtual netcard, but i run COMPINFO3 it list the active netcard when writting this from a bed in my hotel it is the WiFi card, is it possible to list all netcards or at least the active one ??

Jan V.

BTW. this is my first post..