I found the raise of the problems (I don't know how this problem raise
or the problem of my installed software)
$WL2 = 'pbfont size="5" color="#800000">INSTALLED SOFTWARE/font/b/p'+@CRLF
+'table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#111111" width="100%" id="AutoNumber6">'+@CRLF
+' tr'+@CRLF
+' td width="19%" height="19"bfont color="#FF0000"APPLICATION/font/b/td'+@CRLF
+' td width="20%" height="19"bfont color="#FF0000"PATH/font/b/td'+@CRLF
+' td width="20%" height="19"font color="#FF0000"VERSION/font/b/td'+@CRLF
+' td width="20%" height="19"bfont color="#FF0000">PUBLISHER/font/b/td'+@CRLF
+' /tr'+@CRLF
; For Each $Item In $MySoftware
; If $Item
; $WL2 = $WL2 + 'tr'+@CRLF+'td height="19">'+Split($Item,"*")[0]+'/td'+'td height="19">'+Split($Item,"*")[1]; +'/td'+'td
height="19">'+Split($Item,"*")[2]+'/td'+'td height="19">'+Split($Item,"*")[3]+'/td'+'/tr'+@CRLF

; EndIf
; Next
$WL2 = $WL2 + '/table'+@CRLF
? $WL2
; $WL = $WL + '/table'+@CRLF
+ '/body'+@CRLF
+ '/html'+@CRLF

The about code is almost at the end of the script, you can see that I have comment out the portion of "Search Installed Software", it is becuase I found that when I run this portion of sciprt, I found that the the upper part of the HTML like being "ate out".

Note:I have change this variable to $WL2 becuase I just want to test which part get problems. Besides, I have already use "code" tag to post the code, but I just found the display, so I have also remove all the "<>" symbol.

Thanks for your help!