NOTICE: This script is no longer set to just show on the user's desk. The script has been modified to ONLY e-mail the file back to an Administrator via BLAT SMTP e-mailer.

There were too many e-mails to me asking for such that I've switched the script over to e-mail only. However you can easily remark out the send and have it launch locally as before if wanted.

The script now includes a MessageBox to let the user know the script is being e-mailed to Support. That to can be disabled if wanted.

; *********************************************
; ******** REVISION HISTORY ******************
; 2.01 *** 10/4/2005 6:02PM - By NTDOC
; ******** Modified to send to Admins as requested via e-mail using BLAT
; ******** DOWNLOAD BLAT:
; ******** Removed trailing decimal numbers from FREE SPACE.
; ******** Switched out GetIEVersion with GetIEVersion2 (previous udf was broken)
; ******** Added the $SO=SetOption('NoMacrosInStrings','On') option to the script
; ******** Renamed the script to: COMPINFO3.KIX

Please let me kow if anything got broken in this update or not. It appears to work well so far in my testing.

The zip file also includes a script to add a shortcut to the users Start Menu for requesting help.

Download MyComputerInfo script

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