Here is an updated version of the My Computer Info script.

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Download MyComputerInfo Script 4

Script last updated 5:51 PM 10/4/2005
Note that this version may have an error in the array code that needs to be corrected.

This is a complete re-write of the code, smaller, faster, and corrects or adds information from comments in the thread on
the last version.

  • Now includes requests such as:
  • Model
  • Mapped Printer info
  • Mapped Drive info
  • Home folder
  • Password age info
  • Single write to file for improved speed at end of log
  • Checks for WMI and quits if error detected

Previous Versions:
My Computer Info for Helpdesk use Part 2
Fri Oct 24 2003

My Computer Info for Helpdesk use Part 3
Fri Apr 09 2004

Here is a bit different idea and method that Jooel and I were working on a while back.
Work in progress by Lonkero for the Helpdesk / Computerinfo script. buildHTMLtree()
Sun Oct 24 2004

Mail the Software Inventory - Placing data into Excel
Wed Apr 07 2004

And here is a screen shot of an example Website that can be automatically
created and updated on a schedule with KiXtart and scheduler.

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