When you post script, included it between "code" tags - you will see a "Code" link in the "Instant UBB Code" area under the box that you type your message in. If you do this you will preserve the indenting in the code. Compare your posting to mine and you will see the difference. If you don't do this the code is very hard to read, and most readers will not try to help until you fix it up.

Now, I know the script works to a certain point because I've tested it.

You need to add some debugging statements to find out what it is doing. As you are getting nothing at all, I would check that the group enumeration is working as expected.

After the "BREAK ON" at the top of the script, add this line:

After this comment:
; Check if there is a printer map for this group

ADD this debug line:
If $bDEBUG Color w+/b "DEBUG: Looking for section [LOCATION "+$sGroup+"]" Color w/n ? EndIf

This will confirm whether the group enumeration is going as expected. If it is then start adding more debug statements around the code to work out which bit isn't working.

When you have finished debugging, change the "$bDEBUG=1" to "$bDEBUG=0" to switch off the debugging output, there is no need to remove the debug lines and they may be useful in the future.