if users are members of more then one printer groups, would the script continue to run or wll exit after mapping the prnters on the first group !?

Other than where there is an error KiXtart scripts will run from start to finish unless you include a Return, Quit or Exit statement.

Both your IF INGROUP(...) conditionals will be evaluated. If the user is a member of both groups, then both sets of mappings will be done.

If you only ever want one set of mappings to be done (the conditions are mutually exclusive) then use the SELECT / ENDSELECT construct and arrange the tests in the order of their priority.

You should pop a message out somewhere if the mapping fails to both servers.

Here is an example using SELECT which also outputs error/success status':
Buggy code removed

Edited by Richard H. (2005-01-25 11:17 AM)