The information of last period has been included in our statistical pages (BB info + BB statistics).

Some remarks
  • the amount of reactions is growing again.
  • the amount of reactions by none TOP25 members is growing also.
  • during the last months we receive a lot of alerts about unreachability of this site.
  • general discussions forum is growing very fast. Within one year it contains over 1.000 topics.
  • UDF forum is receiving still a great amount of new UDF's.
  • Chris S. is a new member of our BB MM club page.
  • Lonkero is going for the 10.000 reactions coming months. Good luck.

btw: a delay in releasing those info by personal circumstances. Sorry, when you were waiting
for it.
Also we had miss the third Anniversary of our site. Thanks for all your input, comments and questions.
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