One does not like to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I have this pet peeve about standards.

f.e. 3D buttons should always be single-click while flat objects should always be double-click except for URLs which again are single-click. I'm not saying it isn't that way in BBChecker. I'm just explaining standards.

OK, to get to the point(er). The mouse pointer as well should follow standards. I don't know the terminology for the different pointers but I do know when they are not right.

f.e. the standard pointer, arrow at 11 o'clock for RH mouse, changes to a hand with pointed finger when you mouseover a URL. When you mouseover the history list however, it should be the standard pointer because the pointing hand would indicate a single click action but the listbox items require a double-click.

So... the line:

should be:

to be true to standards.
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