there is a tool that checks all the new posts on bb.
it informs you, keeps track of the messages, shows logged on users...

it's bbchecker.
basically, you download an exe:

which installs the package.
after that, you can start using it.
if you want to know what is inside the script or you want to steal the code, go to:

remember that kixtart is not freeware!

anyway, it has come 1.5 from the day of using IE window and shawn saying:
ok - little payback here Jooel - how come when I install or re-install BBChecker - there is never any MENU ITEM put into my START MENU ??? Im running Windows XP ... heheee
damn - it did work - should have checked before i installed the latest version - never mind. Good one bud !
to be one of the most developed kixtart GUI scripts around.
so, if you do not fancy the BB, you can always see what your scripts might have!

hope you have fun!


ps. the development will not stop, this is just one of those bus stops...

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