Well, so far we squandered 18 posts worth of korg bb time... [Frown]

Ok, now that the req's are clearer, let me outline what you probably should do.

You need to get all the files into an array for ease of use. Jooel's DirScan() - yet another dir UDF will do this.

Using the principle I outlined in my previous example, Split() the date/time off the extension.

Use the KiX move command to rename the file to lose the extension. Using the same Split() results that got you the date/time, you can Join() all but the last element with Ubound()-1 to get the filename and extension sans the date/time.

Not sure if there is an FTP send UDF, but I did find Jooel's FTPget() - download a file that you can use as a basis to build your own send UDF.

Move the file to another folder and repeat. I would create folders named after the extension with the date/time stamp and move them there. One cannot always rely on FTP to send the file. I guess you could do a list on the FTP site to confirm.

I still don't understand the req's 100%. There are files with the same name but different extensions due to the date/time stamp. Do all the files need to be sent or only the most recent? If the older one never gets sent, does the newer one still make the older one redundant? Seems to me some sort of compare is needed, but the rules are unclear.
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