I have been grave robbing again and I have unearthed this rather interesting thread! I don't want to continue the discussion of whether kix32 is too large etc as I think that argument is irrelevant as kix32.exe is quite small compared to a lot of things out there.

But I would like to ask two questions about things that I picked up here.

Tokenising. With emphasis on reducing file size (not obfuscation) I still have not got around to tokenising my scripts, due to so many other more urgent things to do and just general lack of time. However I wanted to ask, is it possible to tokenise the scripts so that the main script calls the pupils script, the staff script etc? I assume that it does this as most people probably have scripts calling other scripts.

What really prompted me to raise this question is the suggestion that people are copying the kix32.exe file to the local machines and running the scripts by calling the kix32 locally. I have been running the scripts using the logon, startup etc in gpo and calling the kix32 from there.

Howard Bullock

I store Kix32.exe, crc32.exe, and 70+KB of script code on the client that is executed globally by 35,000 clients daily. I much prefer the added functionality in Kix32 and with it staged locally, I have no issues that site.

If you want to see my batch file for launching this it is here: LOGON.BAT (the overkill version)

if Kix32.exe or the scripts are altered or otherwise corrupted they will be replaced because they will fail a CRC32 check. If I add updated code on the DC again the locaaly cached files fail the CRC and will be updated.

You must not be doing very much with your code if you are elated with 3.21.
Home page: http://www.kixhelp.com/hb/

Maybe I should look into doing this. I am finding that with some netbooks that we have, the login script takes ages to run and this might help speed it up. I never considered copying all the scripts plus kix32.exe to each local machine as the scripts and kix executable are not large by today's standards, but seeing two people in this thread mention copying the executable to the local machines, I am wondering if this is commonly done.

Does everyone else tokenise their scripts and then copy the tokenised scripts and kix32 exe to each local machine to run from there?

I am happy to lend anyone a pair of my gloves that I used to dig up this decade old thread! Its interesting what you find browsing through the website. This thread still has relevance today even with our gigabyte speed networks!

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