sorry for delay.

1) BradV, changing the way to start application is not the matter now, maybe when we'll migrate to Windows 8 or Windows 8 (or later) but not now for XP.

Kix scripts are used to read-write ini configuration file, read or write values in registry, all things that aren't easy to do with .cmd scripts.

2) Allen, we have to build the path, not to fix it. As I said in my previous post, we configure environment (not only env vars) for application before starting application. this allows us to use test, production, formation versions of a same application on the same workstation, even if they are not really compatible (for example a parameter in the registry that gives the name of the database to connect to).

3) Lonkero, if i write my own functions, i have potentially one thousand of scripts to modify. May be i could let unchanged scripts that do not really need to be changed, but by experience, i know that all the scripts are going to become heterogeneous (i am not the only developperand all are not as perfectionist than I).
I agree with you, KiXtart should be compliant with env var management.