As described in my post in the "Basic scripting" forum (Problem with environment vars ), there is a potential problem with SETL command. If a script modifies several times the same env variable with a reference to %env% (see code below), only the last change is available. Suppose the env var contains "P1" before kix32 starts :
SETL ENV="P2;"+%env%  ; expected : P2;P1
SETL ENV="P3;"+%env%  ; expected : P3;P2;P1

SHELL "cmd /k set env"  ; display env=P3;P1

it would be nice to have :
- a new function to get the content of an environment variable modified with SETL, something like GETL( "ENV" )


- a new optional parameter in ExpandEnvironmentVars to expand strings with variables modified by SETL, something like ExpandEnvironmentVars( "%ENV%", 1 )

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