I'd like to see implementation of DLLCalls into KiX, this can have alot of added value for instance turning on and off of the QuickLaunch, or turn monitors on or off, the added value is simply too much to explain.

Apparantly people of the Windows Developer Journal wrote a DLL that allows KiX and VBS scripters to do just that. The downside being off course that one has to register this dll. But the good people who wrote this dll also included C source code, so this "could" be implemented into Kixtart and I for one would love to see this happening, here's the url to the DynaCall website.

And this is the link to the NT package and this to the 9x version.

To show some code implementing this I created the following function:
Function ToggleQL($switch)
  Dim $WM_USER, $WMTRAY_TOGGLEQL, $objItem, $lhWnd
  $WM_USER = &400
  $objItem = CreateObject("DynamicWrapper")
  $=$objItem.Register("USER32.DLL", "FindWindowA", "i=ss", "f=s", "r=l")
  $=$objItem.Register("USER32.DLL", "SendMessage", "I=hlll", "f=s", "R=l")
  $lhWnd = $objItem.FindWindowA("Shell_TrayWnd", "")
  $=$objItem.SendMessage($lhWnd, $WMTRAY_TOGGLEQL, -1, $switch)

This function effectively enables or disables the quicklaunch bar within milliseconds.