I added an additional test:

[Test 8]
Output=11 about outside ideas

and my previous code failed Test 8 so I have modified my code and the result is 478:

Running Test 1...Done
Running Test 2...Done
Running Test 3...Done
Running Test 4...Done
Running Test 5...Done
Running Test 6...Done
Running Test 7...Done
Running Test 8...Done
Your solution passed all tests

Your solution passed all tests

KiXtart Version = 4.53
KiXGolf Script = kixgolf_A2Z.kix

OS = Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
CPU = Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
Speed = 2792 MHz
Memory = 2048 MB

KiXGolf Scoring Engine
Scoring Engine = 3.3

KiXtart Golf Score
Tournament = A-to-Z
Processing Start = 2007/09/08 00:29:52.288
Processing End = 2007/09/08 00:29:52.319
Duration = 0000/00/00 00:00:00.030
KiXGolf Score = 478

Thank you for participating in KiXtart Golf!
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