If you want to add "dots" (RadioButton) you must alter the Form that is being used.
This can be done in this function "DrawFormMain".
Because of the limited space it is probably needed to extend the window.

It was easier to just create some main topics (Map network.., Map printers..) and a general topic.
You can determine what the script does here.
This function determines what it does.

; +-[Name]-------------------+
; | Function DefaultActions |
; +-[Comment]----------------+---------------------------+
; | Controls the default actions performed by the script |
; +------------------------------------------------------+
Function DefaultActions()
If $ScriptMode = 1
$RBMain_Actions_Standard.Checked = 1
; -- Call DelTemp Function --

;You can add your own functions here

If $ScriptMode = 1
$RBMain_Actions_Standard.Enabled = 0

This is easier to do.
You can still relay a line to the status bar of the window about what you are doing.

Ofcourse it is your call.

Everything is possible.