Thanks for the code NTDOC. I will also make sure I enter my code properly.

I do still have a slight issue where some users first name is the same and the first letter of their surname clash. This causes their GoldMine user name to be slightly different.

The code would work most of the time but not all the time.

I have access to a file where all this information is stored in .dbf format. There are two specific fields within the .dbf file called 'USERNAME' and 'NAME'. The name is in the same format as Active Directory full name so the kixtart command @FULLNAME could be used to reference that line, to then get the GoldMine 'USERNAME' for that specific user.

So my question is, can kixtart reference information from files? More specifically a .dbf file? If not, I could export the info to .csv format if that's supported.

I have attached a sample dbf file for reference. I've added .ini to the end to allow upload.

If I can't reference lines within external files, I will use the code you provided and just have to fudge it for the odd user where it clashes.

Thanks again for any help.

15-Users.DBF.ini (309 downloads)