When you set the '.Dock' property for any control you should never have to set the '.Top'/'.Left' properties, the '.Width'/'.Height' properties should not be used if '.Dock = Fill'. If you set these properties after you set the '.Dock' properties you will receive undesirable results.

with '$Panel_dock = 3,"",5' the second panel created is not docked at all and should be docked to the bottom '2'.

also i think that part of what is happening is that the controls are not created in a sequence that is indicative of what you are trying to achieve.

'.Dock' property its self alows a form or container to be resized and the '.Width'/'.Height' properties will automaticly change to sute the size of the container.

maybe i did not say things very well but these are the things that i was trying to show you in this post:

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