When it comes to the '.Dock' property, the sequence that the controls are created in decides the position of the controls on the form.

To understand what I am trying to say, using KFD.Net create two Panels on a blank form, then create a splitter on the form. Set the splitter.dock = bottom, set one panel.dock = bottom, and the other panel.dock = fill. In the object treeview (top right corner of KFD) select one of the controls (left click on the name of the control in the object treeview) then click the up or down arrow button (to the left of the object treeview). As you rearrange the control sequence in the object treeview the controls on the form will rearrange as well as the sequence that the controls are created on the code page (use the code/form button {top left corner of KFD} to switch from the form to the code and back).

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KiXforms Designer .NET 2.0 (Beta)