KiXforms Designer .NET 2.0 (Beta) is now available.
Its purpose is to help teach and design forms using KiXforms.NET. As an Beta it is still under development.

KiXforms Designer .NET Build

KiXforms Designer .NET does not include KiXfoms.NET, it must be installed before installing KFD.

KiXforms.NET (Alpha) Development Build

Included in the KFD (found in the install directory "C:\Program Files\KiXforms Designer .NET\")

A shortcut to KiXforms Designer .NET is created under the StartMenu 'Programs > KiXforms Designer .NET'

For all the improvements over version 1, see the post below.

As always, if you have any comments, feature requests or you've found a bug, your input is most welcome.
You can submit your input here


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Wait don't order yet,... get KiXforms Designer .NET 2.0 (Beta)
KiXforms Designer .NET 2.0 (Beta)