Thanks for the feedback / input.

I'm currently investigating doing a MySQL database method.
Since the initial database input would require a LOAD statement I will need to come up with some method to save all the data in an appropriate TEXT file method.

As I get time I'll update the script to that format which then should be able to be used for other purposes.

The .ini is good for individual lookups but I don't think is well suited for MySQL or even MS-SQL (though I'm not a database programmer). The .ini might be good though for INSERT and UPDATE operations - will have to investigate further.

I'm using / testing MySQL 5 for this. I doubt that I'll use anything special for it so probably whatever I come up with should work for MySQL 4.x as well.

For those of you using MS-SQL I can't guarantee but hopefully will designed to work with it as well.
MS-SQL is too expensive for general use and MySQL has matured to a pretty high level now days and still remains free (though with little support, there forum is NOT like Korg) you can get support but naturally have to pay which I'm not going to do.

For those interested - Stay tuned....