Include a link to send via lotus notes and or outlook email (will be used to send information to my Helpdesk)

Well it now sends via BLAT e-mail by default, but you could add an Outlook mailer instead if you want, it just won't be silent and the client must have Outlook installed and a profile setup already.

Function SendOutlookMail($To, $Subject, optional $Body, optional $Attachment)
Dim $objOutlook, $Msg, $Recip, $Attach, $Deliver
$objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
$Msg = $objOutlook.CreateItem(0)
$Msg.Subject = ($Subject)
$Msg.Body = ($Body + @CRLF)
$Recip = $Msg.Recipients.Add($To)
If Not $Recip.Resolve
$Attach = $Msg.attachments.add($Attachment)
; $Deliver = $Msg.Send
$objOutlook = ""

As for the print, well there are methods to accomplish that as well if needed, just reply back.