Hi Guys
I have seen countles network printer scripts, that you and the other maestros have publish, so I though you could help to verify this script I am trying to use to mapp printers!?
Of course the script is something you guys have writen, I am just trying to make it run on my enviroment..
I have got two print servers per floor, and about 40-50 network printers. I have divided printers on Security Zones (AD Groups) and mapping the users to the printers near by, based on security groups ! (Hope it makes sense)!? Because I got two print servers I want the script to provide me with load balancing and error checking !!? The script below is something you guys have writen, and I have made some modification to see if I can get the reasults I want,but I am not quite sure if it going to work. Could you please have a look/advice/sugest !?
Thanks in advance

AT (11,30) "Adding Printers"
$rc=addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6122\PRIM1551") If @error<>0 addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6109\PRIM1551")
$rc=addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6109\PRIM1550") If @error<>0 addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6122\PRIM1550")
$rc=addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6122\PRIM1782") If @error<>0 addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6109\PRIM1782")
$rc=addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6109\PRIM1347") If @error<>0 addprinterconnection("\\SRIM6122\PRIM1347")
setdefaultprinter("\\SRIM6122\PRIM1551") If @error<>0 setdefaultprinter("\\SRIM6109\PRIM1550")
AT (13,30) "Default Printer HP4050N"

What is happening at the mo is that it only mapps the first print and then it exits ! The users can be members of more then one AD GROUP !!