Sure.. SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT would work fine.. But, I think (personally) the RecordSet Method would do just fine. You know I like to do things more difficult - kinda like chewing on tin foil.

Here is where I am having problems now..

The first section (User Info) is going thru fine.. Now, we should simply close the first RecordSet and proceed to the next. Here is what I found, but yields a Dispatch Pointer message -

'To set the next Recordset to the same Recordset (encouraged)
Set oRS = oRS.NextRecordset()

'To set the next Recordset to some other Recordset object, in order
'to still be able to access the contents of oRS
Set oSomeOtherRS = oRS.NextRecordset()

As is talked about in Using Multiple Recordsets

See.. The whole basis of this problem lies in the fact that the script has to complete one time before the Computer, Printer, Share, and NIC info is inserted in the db.

So.. Let's drill into the error (dispatch) -

;Open the Computer Recordset
$sql_computers="SELECT * FROM TBL_COMPUTERS WHERE WORKSTATION='"+@wksta+"';"
;IF @error<>0
; @error +" and "+ @serror
; GET $k

IF $rs.recordcount < 1
;? "Add new user record " + @ERROR + ": " + @SERROR Get $x

Line 89 is the error and is -
IF $rs.recordcount < 1


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