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#82008 - 2003-02-12 04:34 AM INFO: KiXcrypt version 3.00b - KiXtart packager/encryption utility
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[Sealeopard: Credits go to Richard H., post was moved to FAQ Forum on request by LLigetfa, post superseeds KiXtart encryption - UTILITY: KiXcrypt 2.10b ]

This is release version 3.05a of KiXcrypt.

There are some major differences with this version - the command line options have changed to simplify them and make them more consistant.

Change notes are available at the end of this post.

Please note that this is a major overhaul of the program, and most command line parameters have changed. Even if you have used a previous version of KiXcrypt please be sure to read the new manual (yes folks, there is documentation!)

You can download all the files including the documentation and the GUI interface from here

What is KiXcrypt?
KiXcrypt is a tool which is used to encrypt files to hide their content. The file(s) are compiled into an executable, and are decrypted when the file is run. The unencrypted file is then executed.

Where can I download it?
There are two versions. The first is console driven (a console is a "DOS" window). The second is console-less, and is used to hide the script processing, useful when creating GUI applications.
Note simply using the console-less version does not guarantee that a console will not appear. Read the documentation for more details on this subject. Both versions are quite small (about 25k).

You can download all the files including the documentation and the GUI interface from here

Why is it called KiXcrypt?
KiXcrypt can encrypt and execute any type of file, however it was originally developed specifically for the needs of a group of people who create scripts using the KiXtart script language. This script language is primarily used for creating login scripts, although it's features have expanded so that it is now used for far more powerful tasks.

Why would I want to encrypt a login script?
Quite often during the login process you may need to run jobs with higher privilege, attach password protected shares or otherwise perform tasks that you don't want your users to be able to see. As scripting languages use plain text files, anyone can peek at your netlogon share and see what you are up to during the logon process. Encrypting the file hides the information.

What else can I use KiXcrypt for?
You can use it as a simple packager/installer for an application, a method of password protecting files, a simple "readme" runtime which launches explorer or wordpad. Pretty much anything really.

How good is the encryption?
Hmm. The encryption itself is quite good because it is proprietary. Only I know how it works and I'm not telling. It is good because without knowing how it works it is hard to get started cracking it. At some point however, the file is left unencrypted on a file system for a period. This is when it is vulnerable. I have included as many ways of defeating people getting at the unencrypted file, but the possibility is there.
If you do manage to break the security and get access to the unencrypted file, please let me know first. You can help make KiXcrypt more secure, and you'll get a credit in the release notes <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />

How do I use it
Read the documentation. Go on. I know it's boring, but if you don't you may believe you have a secured product when you don't, and you will still need to read it when something doesn't work.
If you are still determined to run before you can walk, the command:
kixcrypt.exe myscript.kix

will create an encrypted version of myscript.kix called "myscript.exe"

Release History

* 3 December 2003 3.05a R. Howarth
* Added '--' option for encrypted exe.
* Mid-2003 Version 3.04 R. Howarth
* Unreleased internal version for testing potential of
* compression routines (zlib). Compression very poor due to
* the randomness of encrypted code, meaning that compression needs to
* be done *before* encryption. This will require a major re-write
* so deferred until I have more time to look at it.
* 27 February 3003 Version 3.03x R. Howarth
* Experimental release.
* Added '-x' option to pass the primary file as KiXtart variables
* Added %KIXCRYPTEXE% to pass the encrypted executable name
* 24 February 2003 Version 3.02b R. Howarth
* Install ctrl handler to deal with ctrl-C etc (Thanks to Ed Myers)

* 3 February 2003 Version 3.00b R. Howarth
* ***************
* ***************
* Command line has has a major overhaul. The command line is no longer compatible
* with previous versions, hence the major version revision. Some big changed in the
* internals as well.
* Change: All environment variables in command line are expanded during decrypt.
* Change: All environment variables in temporary directory path are expanded during decrypt.
* Change: Encrypted file name now based on source file, e.g. 'mylogon.kix' -> 'mylogon.exe'
* Removed: '%s' and '^s' are no longer supported in command line
* Removed: '-c' (no %COMSPEC%) option.
* This option is no longer required, as the command line is fully expanded.
* Change: Default command is now '%COMSPEC% /C kix32.exe %KIXCRYPTFILE%'
* Change: Default temporary directory is '%TEMP%', or '.' if '%TEMP%' not set.
* Added: '-t' on crypted creation.
* Added: '-t' ignored at decrypt if set on encrypt.
* Added: '-o' option to select name of output file.
* True console-less mode (Thanks to Frank Buzin)
* Now using CreateProcess() for process spawning, which allow console-less
* execution.
* Minor fix to usage messages, (Thanks to MightyR1)
* Fixed: '-f file' added to KiXcrypt usage message.
* 17 January 2003 Version 2.16b R. Howarth
* Added: '-f' to include arbitrary files.
* Added: %KIXCRYPTVER% environment variable pushed.
* Added: %KIXCRYPTDIR% environment variable pushed.
* Added: %KIXCRYPTFILE% environment variable pushed.
* Fixed: sFileName scope bug not supporting -t option.
* 12 December 2002 Version 2.14b R. Howarth
* Well you asked for it, and you got it:
* New option '-t path' to define directory for temporary file.
* Dropped realloc() for command line memory allocation.
* A 1024 byte buffer is allocated straight off to keep things simple.
* Fixes an XP problem reported by Stephen Shaw (ElegantSol)
* Dropped initial warning about not finding self - redundant and fugly.
* In debug mode display warning about non-printable characters in the
* command line, and display their ASCII values.
* 10 December 2002 Version 2.13b R. Howarth
* Internal version to debug ElegantSol's XP memory allocation problem.
* 27 March 2002 Version 2.12b R. Howarth
* Added code to overwrite file before deletion. This is to try and
* defeat 'undelete' utilities.
* 05 February 2002 Version 2.10b R. Howarth
* Fixed '-s' not working due to debug code (Spotter: Roberto M.)
* 01 February 2002 Version 2.08b R. Howarth
* Promoted to beta release, as it appears to be stable
* Fixed cannot find self bug. Again. Tch.
* Added detection and avoidance for Russ Exploit
* Added '-v' for version info
* Included my name and email address for support purposes. Honest!
* 06 December 2001 Version 2.06a R. Howarth
* (Possibly) fix Windows XP not zeroing realloced area.
* Added '-c' NOCOMSPEC option
* 05 December 2001 Version 2.04a R. Howarth
* Fixed GPF on -p password
* Temporary file is now entirely random (1000 attempts)
* 30 November 2001 Version 2.02a R. Howarth
* Fixed 'Cannot find self' bug.
* Added '-m' to messages.
* Added salt to peturb algorithm, to avoid password attacks.
* KixTart -> KiXtart
* 20 November 2001 Version 2.01a R. Howarth
* Password now assigned automatically
* Simplified output - script.kix -> crypted.exe
* Command line options allowed.
* 18 September 2001 RMH First public release

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#201426 - 2011-01-19 09:14 PM Re: INFO: KiXcrypt version 3.00b - KiXtart packager/encryption utility [Re: Sealeopard]
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Download link is now located here:
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