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#81938 - 2002-03-23 06:43 PM Can't decide what editor to use... Maybe this'll help
Les Offline
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Every now and then, someone brings up the topic of what is the best editor to write KiX (and others) scripts with. There's always interesting commentary, and one thing's for sure; people are quite passionate about their editor.

Here are a couple of of those threads.

Bit OFF TOPIC, editor

Dedicated freeware editor for KiX-scripts

Kixtarter - Kixtart Script Editor

Which Editor Should I use
And there's lots more. Just click on the search link at the top of this page (look up, way up), put in the word 'editor', and there you have it.

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#81939 - 2005-04-26 04:12 AM Re: Can't decide what editor to use... Maybe this'll help
NTDOC Administrator Offline

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In short... You should use any text capable editor you feel comfortable with.

BackEdit v11
Coda v2.4
ConTEXT v0.96.3
Crimson Editor v3.6
Delphad v1.9.4
Developers Pad Beta 2c (v0.5.929)
EditPad Lite v5.3.0
Emacs v21.2
ExtremePad 2.2
HDS Pad v4.0
Jarte v2.0
jEdit v4.2
Jext v3.2 (Java based)
Kixtarter v3.6
Metapad v3.5
NotePad ++ v2.9
NotepadEx v1.7.7.4
NoteTab Light v4.95
PowerHTML v2.0
Programmer's File Editor (32-bit) 1.01 (no longer developed)
PsPad (4.3.3 (2092))
Shalom Txt v1.2
SuperEdi v3.3.1
TextIt v1.012
Vim v6.2
WinVi v2.94

Admin Script Editor v2.1.1735 - $99.00 with one year of upgrade protection
Antechinus C# Programming Editor v6.0 - $49.95
Boxer Text Editor v10.0 - $59.99
Castillo TextEditor v4.0 - $29.95
Code-Genie v4.02.03 - $24.00
CodeWright v7.5 - $299.00
Daily Edit v2.3 - $29.95
Editeur v5.31 - $28.00
EditExt - $24.95
EditPad Pro v5.3.2 - $39.95
EditPlus v2.12 - $30.00
EmEditor Pro v4.0 - $39.95
GWD v3.2 - $29.95
Lemmy v4.5 - $20.00
NoteTab Pro v4.95 - $19.95
NoteTab Std v4.95 - $9.95
PrimalCode v3.1 - $249.00
PrimalScript v3.1 - $179.00
SannySoft Perl Editor Pro v2.0 - $44.95
TextPad v4.7.2 - $29.30
Texturizer v1.9 - $19.95
UltraEdit v10.20 - $35.00
Visual SlickEdit 9.0 - $299.00
WinEdt v5 - $70.00

Search and replace
InfoRapid v3.1f - Freeware
ReplaceEm v2.0 - Freeware
Search and Replace v5.1 - $25.00
WinMerge v2.2 - Freeware

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#81940 - 2005-05-11 11:54 AM Re: Can't decide what editor to use... Maybe this'll help
NTDOC Administrator Offline

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Posts: 11624
Loc: CA
Here is a list of PHP Editors (but all of them should handle KiXtart as well since it is all pure text, but may not have specific functionality geared towards KiXtart)

Currently 111 Editors listed. Allows filtering by Platform and License.
The Linux Consultancy Guide to PHP Editors

 Note: This link is no longer being updated as of at least March 2006 but is still on line

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#192439 - 2009-02-23 03:00 PM Re: Can't decide what editor to use... Maybe this'll help [Re: NTDOC]
Lonkero Administrator Offline
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updated the above list of freeware editors with some usefull info...


With Builtin KiXtart Syntax Highlighting:
Kixtarter v4.10
NotePad ++ v5.22 (there's a bug in the syntax highlighting...)
PsPad v4.5.3

Editors Capable of KiXtart Syntax Highlighting:
Emacs v22.3
SuperEdi v4.2.2.U
Vim v7.2

WinVi v2.99
ConTEXT v0.98.5 (last updated 2006)
EditPad Lite v5.3.0
Jarte v2.0 (general word processor)
jEdit v4.2 (java required)
Jext v5.0.1 (Java based)
Metapad v3.51 (last update 2005)
NoteTab Light v5.7

Non-updated editors:
Crimson Editor v3.7 (last updated 2004)
Delphad v1.10.5 (last updated 2005)
Coda v2.5 (last updated 2004)
NotepadEx v1.7.7.4 (last updated 2003)
BackEdit v11 (last updated 2003)
TextIt v1.012 (last updated 2003)
ExtremePad 2.2 (last updated 2002)
Shalom Txt v1.2 (last update around 2001 [unknown])
HDS Pad v4.0 (last updated 2001)
Developers Pad Beta 2c (v0.5.929) (totally gone)
PowerHTML v2.0 (wysiwyg HTML editor, LAST UPDATED 1999)
Programmer's File Editor (32-bit) 1.01 (no longer developed) (LAST UPDATED 1999)
tfmEditor (totally gone)

download KiXnet

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