Welcome to the KiXtart Learning Forum.

This forum is designed to help assist you in learning to use KiXtart.

You can participate in LESSONS to help you improve your skill level and understanding
of the KiXtart scripting language.

It is highly recommended that you download and use the latest version of KiXtart.
KiXtart 2010 4.53 (15th of September 2006) KiX2010_453.zip (631kB)

  • No KiXtart.org Moderators or Administrators aside from myself are allowed to post in the Learning Series threads.
    Until after regular users have posted and an analysis of their code has been provided or a post asking for input from other
    Moderators or long term members is posted.
  • (This is for those with less experience to learn, not for bored, experienced users to bump their post count)
  • (If you're able to easily perform the tasks of a series then please don't participate with any solutions)
  • No using IM,PM, the KiXtart.org search feature, or Google etc.. to locate/find an answer (you're on the honor system here).
  • The only help you're allowed to use is the KiXtart User Manual. [color:"blue"]Please be honest and don't use other resources[/color]
  • All submitted code must be as though it were to be used in production. ie.. code should set options and
    have error checks as well as documentation of what the code is doing. Error checking does not need to
    be extensive but should have some basic check.

  • [color:"red"]WARNING!![/color]
  • DO NOT create or post new threads or they will be deleted no questions asked.
  • Please only post to the Learning Series posts that already exist.

It is accepted that a Best Practice is to add the following code to the top of your script.
It is not mandatory but will help eliminate or make easier to locate errors in your code.

If using WKIX32.EXE then you can omit the Break On portion as there is no console to break out of.

If Not @LogonMode
  Break On
  Break Off
Dim $SO