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2002-07-21 05:17 PM
HOWTO: Submit code to / copy code from the board

This topic has been covered numerous times.  It is posted here mostly for newcomers.

If you have more than a few lines of code, use the code link found below the editing window.  It will place a [code] and a [/code] tag pair.  Paste your code between the tags.  It will preserve the indenting and allow certain characters UBB would otherwise forbid.

Don't paste long lines of code between [code] tags.  It will cause the entire thread to go real wide making it difficult to read (sidewards scrolling).  Break and indent them instead.

If the code is between the above mentioned code-tags, it is copy&pasteable (CTRL-C, CTRL-V) to any text editor.
The formatting is preserved.

Don't have a favorite editor?  Well... just click on the search link at the top of this page (look up, way up), put in the word 'editor', search in 'Subject Only', and there you have it.

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2005-04-26 04:13 AM
Re: HOWTO: Submit code to / copy code from the board

As a reminder, DON'T use Microsoft Word or Wordpad for the actual code you plan to use unless you specifically save as ASCII text. Both programs will easily add and modify the code to often include code that is not acceptable to KiXtart.

For the actual code editing use NOTEPAD or some other ASCII editor.

Here is a listing of Editors if wanted

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2005-09-08 08:30 PM
Re: HOWTO: Submit code to / copy code from the board *DELETED*

Post deleted by Jooel

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2005-09-08 10:24 PM
Re: HOWTO: Submit code to / copy code from the board

Lonkero has modified the code on the board so you no longer require COPY/PASTE to Winword or Wordpad but can now directly COPY/PASTE code into NOTEPAD or any other of your favorite editors for immediate use.

Thanks again for the nice MOD Lonkero.