(Fresh Scripter)
2007-01-24 01:44 PM
Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll

Here is a Domain logon script using the kixform.dll.

If a workstation does not have Kixforms.dll implemented the script will run in normal text mode.

A readme.txt file has been included.


(Fresh Scripter)
2007-01-24 04:16 PM
Re: Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll

looks very good.

How can i add more dots so i can specify wat hes doing ?

(KiX Master)
2007-01-25 05:11 AM
Re: Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll

Why not use a GPO to automatically distribute the KiXforms DLL to all computers?

(Fresh Scripter)
2007-01-25 11:59 AM
Re: Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll

Indeed, GPO (AD-Deployment - Assigned - Install at logon) is the easiest way to deploy the Kixforms.msi to your workstations.

(Fresh Scripter)
2007-01-25 12:09 PM
Re: Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll


If you want to add "dots" (RadioButton) you must alter the Form that is being used.
This can be done in this function "DrawFormMain".
Because of the limited space it is probably needed to extend the window.

It was easier to just create some main topics (Map network.., Map printers..) and a general topic.
You can determine what the script does here.
This function determines what it does.

; +-[Name]-------------------+
; | Function DefaultActions |
; +-[Comment]----------------+---------------------------+
; | Controls the default actions performed by the script |
; +------------------------------------------------------+
Function DefaultActions()
If $ScriptMode = 1
$RBMain_Actions_Standard.Checked = 1
; -- Call DelTemp Function --

;You can add your own functions here

If $ScriptMode = 1
$RBMain_Actions_Standard.Enabled = 0

This is easier to do.
You can still relay a line to the status bar of the window about what you are doing.

Ofcourse it is your call.

Everything is possible.

(Fresh Scripter)
2007-05-03 04:20 PM
Re: Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll

I have been working with your excellent script for a couple days but I can't seem to get other groups to function in the shares.ini file.

I have this in my shares.ini file:
[Domain Users]

; ***********************
; * Department Mappings *
; ***********************

The Domain Users is fine. However, if I understand the syntax, the section in [] is the group name or userid, so I created a KixShare group and added myself to it. However, it will never run those mappings. Actually, if I rename the Domain Users section to KixShare, it fails as well. Not sure why it isn't reading membership on my groups.

I can't seem to echo to the log file the $Groups array during the Mapping function as it is not a global function (i think that is why). Any way to troubleshoot where i am getting hung up?


(KiX Supporter)
2007-05-03 05:16 PM
Re: Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll

If you could start a new thread with the contents of the ini file and the script you are using to map the drives we would be able to help you better.

Did you clear the group cache with the /f switch? See page 12 in the 4.53 manual how to use the /f switch and what is does.

(Just in Town)
2009-10-30 11:31 AM
Re: Domain Logon script using KixForms.dll

howzit, really cool script and works well came across a small issue with the printer addition and found it was an error within the logon.kix

On Line 326 and 328 i needed to add name to printer..

Line 326 from:

Progress(3,"Printer Added: \\$Server\$Printer")

Line 326 to:

Progress(3,"Printer Added: \\$Server\$PrinterName")

Line 328 from:

If SetDefaultPrinter("\\$Server\$Printer") = 0

Line 328 to:

If SetDefaultPrinter("\\$Server\$PrinterName") = 0

other than that splendid script that i will definately use..